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Could your horse help people find the freedom to take the reins?

We all know horses can make a huge difference in people’s lives—find out how your horse can help!

Helping With Your Horse

If you own a horse you’d like to lend, lease or donate to RDAV, you’ll know that the animal is not only cared for but loved. You’ll also know that it’s providing life-changing experiences for people with disability in Victoria.

What type of horse is best for RDA?

  • Quiet and unflappable
  • Able to tolerate traffic, strange sights and sounds, unusual mounting techniques and spasmodic movements.
  • Responsive – must move forward freely and be easy to stop and steer.
  • Kind and friendly on the ground – easy to catch, groom and saddle. Tolerates people and other horses close by –
  • We avoid horses that are lethargic, too keen, bad-tempered (kicking and/or biting) and those with stable vices.

Horses must be sound, sure-footed and able-bodied in order to carry riders who may be asymmetrical and unbalanced.

Most commonly suitable are horses of between 12 to 15.2 hh, for ease of mounting/dismounting at the ramp or block, ease for side walkers to provide support, and appropriate weight carrying capacity. However, smaller or taller horses are also needed. Get in touch with us to see if your horse may be suitable for RDAV.

Recommended 8 to 18 years, preferably with exposure to multiple and diverse environments.

Will be determined by the needs of riders in existing groups. Good average conformation and paces are required for a comfortable ride.

Off the Track Horses

RDA Victoria is proud to have strong association with off the track programs with both Racing Victoria, Harness Racing Australia and Harness Racing Victoria.


Standardbreds are known for their easy-going temperament (being hardy, sound horses), and have the advantage of being adaptable for both riding and carriage driving programs. They must be re-trained for a minimum of 6 months, be regularly ridden, and be able to walk, trot and canter.



Because Thoroughbreds have been exposed to different environments, are disciplined and have a great work ethic, the right horse is ideal for our independent riders who are pursuing their goals in the competition arenas. They must be re-trained for a min of 6 months, regularly ridden, and have been exposed to a variety of other disciplines.

How You can Help

Horse Donation or Free Lease

If you have a horse who fits the criteria to help in the RDA program, contact us or download an enquiry form below. Whether you’d like to donate the horse or free lease it for a few years—it’s all up to you.


Donate to the Horse Fund

Help support the purchase of a horse at one of our many locations. The average RDA horse costs $5,000—but every dollar counts! You can donate online with the reference “Horse Fund” or contact your local centre.


Short Term Competition Horse

RDAV runs several competitions every year, and for some of these competitions we are on the lookout for pool horses. Please contact us for more information

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