Refund Policy

RDA Victoria Refund Policy

RDA Victoria operates in accordance with a customer service policy and promotes a high standard of accountability

Any request for refund of contributions already donated to RDA Victoria by a sponsor/donor will be considered and determined on a case by case basis. Refunds will be made by EFT or by electronic credit card refund.

When a request for a refund is received, an assessment of the reason given for the refund request is undertaken. The following reasons will usually be considered favourably:

  • an error has been made by RDA Victoia;
  • a sponsor/donor decides within the first 1-3 weeks of providing contributions that they have changed their mind and the
  • funds have not already been committed;
  • a sponsor/donor banking details are fraudulently obtained and used;
  • a sponsor/donor contributions are paid in advance
  • The participant has not received any lessons in the RDA Program for which they paid for.

The following reasons will not usually be grounds for a refund to be given:

  • the financial circumstances of the sponsor/donor;
  • the sponsor/donor denies or disputes having made a decision with RDA Victoria to provide financial contributions; or
  • disagreement by the sponsor/donor with the nature of the programs provided by RDAA

If it is agreed that a refund is to be made the sponsor/donor/participant will be issued a refund through EFT or online credit card refund within five working days of the decision.


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