Competition Programs

Competitions bring people together to celebrate their achievements, test their progress, and reach unforgettable milestones.

Competitions offer riders, volunteers and coaches invaluable opportunities in personal development, self-care, social skills, emotional development—and of course riding skills. Volunteers and coaches see and celebrate their riders’ progress, and share techniques and ideas with their peers—all while enjoying a rich experience of community.

Riders can register with Special Olympics to compete at state, national and international levels in dressage, working trails, in-hand dressage, and show jumping.

RDAV organises three major competitions annually, plus one national competition every two years.

Every two years, riders compete with teams from the other states in dressage, show jumping, in-hand dressage and working trails.

Annually, people from across the state compete in dressage, show jumping, in-hand dressage and working trails. This event gives riders the opportunity to expand their skills, and embrace the challenge of riding and learning in a new environment.

Riders with an intellectual disability who register with Special Olympics can compete in the State, Nationals and Internationals—in dressage, show jumping, in-hand dressage and working trails.

From novice to experienced, riders at all levels are invited to take part in the annual Video Dressage competition held at RDAV Centres during regular session times. The focus of this inclusive competition is on developing skills, balance, coordination, and to have fun!

RDAV has many more events and competitions throughout the year—visit the News & Events page and like us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

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