Your support helps people find the freedom to take the reins.

Every dollar you donate enables the work of over 1200 volunteers, so that participants can experience the freedom of movement and independence which the RDAV programs provide.

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    Hear Directly From Riders

    Your donation will directly bring down the massive waiting list, and help us connect with more people seeking the opportunity to change their lives through the programs offered by RDAV. Connect with real RDAV riders and see how your donations and support can make a huge impact in someone’s life-


    Financial Donations

    Donating financially is one of the most powerful ways to support the life-changing work of RDAV. We’re a genuinely grass-roots organisation, so every dollar you donate enables the work of over 1200 volunteers supported by a team of just 4 staff-


    Recognition for Your Support

    All donations are tax deductible, and for major donors, you will be acknowledged on our Donors list via the RDA Website and Annual Report! Donations can also be made anonymously.


    Bring Down the Waiting List!

    RDAV is battling a waiting list of over 300 riders! Every one of these people are ready to take the reins in an RDAV program that will connect them to the community, develop strengths and skills, and provide a unique experience of freedom and achievement in a supportive and friendly setting.


    Donate to the Horse Fund

    Help support the purchase of a horse at one of our many locations. The average RDA horse costs $5,000—but every dollar counts! You can donate online with the reference “Horse Fund” or simply send in a donation by mail.

    “The program used the way a horse walks to mimic the movements of an able-bodied person. So yes, I’m someone who walks on four legs, not two and quite frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

    Renee—RDAV Rider

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