Carriage Driving

Experience the freedom to take the reins.

All the benefits of riding—community, coordination, and freedom—for anyone unable to ride a horse or who want to extend their skills.

Carriage Driving programs are run at selected RDAV Centres throughout Victoria—by accredited carriage driving coaches or “whips” using adapted vehicles and harness. Carriage driving is a challenging and exhilarating program for anyone who uses a wheelchair or is unable to participate in riding programs.

Carriage Driving offers participants independence—as well as developing their balance, self-esteem, motor skills and enjoyment of the environment.


  • Drivers enjoy community and belonging.
  • Drivers develop equestrian skills and confidence.
  • Drivers refine their motor skills.

“Carriage Driving is a fun and exhilarating activity”

Janet – RDA Volunteer Coach

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