Time: Every 2nd Thursday morning.

Centre Contact:

Location: Kings Park, Tallarook Street, Seymour.

Seymour RDA operates in association with the Seymour Special School. We meet every second Thursday during school terms and most RDA days our 9 riders are able to walk across the park with their Aides to our Centre.

We have approximately 20 volunteers. We would probably all agree we would like to encourage younger volunteers to join us. Having three girls from the Yea High School for their community service during the winter term was a great success.

Our 5 ponies are kept at our Centre in Kings Park (main recreational park in Seymour) Until recently, we were also in need of another younger pony however, we are slowly introducing a very promising 11 year old which was donated earlier in the year.

The Community is very supportive of our group and coverage by the local press often leads to donations or offers to volunteer. For example, the Mitchell Shire is hosting a visit of the Melbourne Cup to Seymour in October and proceeds from two associated functions will go to our Centre.