COVID Update 1 September 2021

Unfortunately we are still are in our State of Emergency until at least 16 December 2021.

COVIDSafe settings apply across Victoria.

The Victorian Government has announced that almost all of the current lockdown restrictions will remain in place until 70 percent of Victorians have had at least one dose of vaccine. This is estimated to be around 23 September.

Until then there will still be only five reasons to leave home: shopping for food and supplies, authorised work and study, care and caregiving, exercise, and getting vaccinated. Other restrictions – including mask wearing – will stay the same.

From 11.59pm on Thursday 2 September, playgrounds will re-open for children under 12 with only one parent or carer, and adults should not remove their masks to eat or drink. Playgrounds will also have QR codes for checking in.

In-home care – like babysitters – will also be expanded to school-aged children but only if both parents are authorised workers.

When 70 percent of Victorians have had at least one vaccine dose:

* 5km radius will expand to 10km – so exercise and shopping can take place up to 10km from your home.
* Victorians will be able to exercise for an extra hour, for up to three hours per day. Outdoor personal training will be allowed with up to two people
plus the trainer. Outdoor communal gym equipment and skateparks will reopen.
* Private inspections of unoccupied premises for a new purchase or end of lease will be permitted but only one household may attend at a time,
with the agent staying outdoors during the inspection.

Vaccine information:

* From Tuesday 7 September until Friday 17 September there will be a priority vaccination program for Year 12 students sitting exams. Year 12
students will be given priority booking access at our state-run clinics, as will their teachers and examiners. Students and teachers will need to book
an appointment from Monday 6th September, as walk-ups are not available as part of this blitz.
* If you’re yet to be vaccinated, you can book your appointment today – either in the state system or in your general practice or local pharmacy.

Children with disability:

* Children with disability can attend child care, kinder or school if they cannot learn from home.
* Children do not need to receive additional disability funding such as Program for Students with Disabilities or Kinder Inclusion Support to qualify.
You do not need a permit.
* Siblings of children with disability do not get automatic attendance at child care, kinder or school. But if your child with disability is learning from
home and that impacts the capacity of their siblings to learn from home, then talk to the siblings’ child care, kinder or school and request they
attend under the vulnerable child category.
* For more information visit the Association for Children with a Disability.

If anyone needs an authorised worker letter or has any queries please email us. We will do our best to assist you.

Edwina Boase-Stratford
State Coaching Coordinator
RDA Victoria

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