COVID Safe Update for Centres 10th August 2021

After careful review, please see attached the current updates for RDAV Centres (PDFs via purple arrows below).

Regional Victorian community sport is open again for all ages, including training and competition. Only the minimum number of participants (players, coaches, referees, officials, and carers or parents) needed to train or compete are permitted to attend, subject to a density quotient of 1 person per 4 sqm. Spectators are not permitted.

The updated guidelines are attached.

For NSW border RDA Centres:
If you live in a local government area in the NSW-Victoria cross-border area, you can enter (or return home to) Victoria without a permit, provided:

* you are travelling for one of the permitted reasons (see below)
* you have not been in an extreme risk zone or red zone outside of the cross-border area at any time since it came into effect over
the last 14 days
* if you have been in an orange zone outside of the cross-border area at any time since it came into effect over the last 14 days,
you have been tested for COVID-19 and received a negative result since leaving the orange zone
you have not been to an exposure site
* you don’t have COVID-19 or have any symptoms, and you are not a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case
* you carry proof of address (such as a driver licence)

Once you are in Victoria, you must follow current restrictions in Victoria.

Permitted reasons for travel:
Because New South Wales is an extreme risk zone, residents in the Victoria-NSW border bubble can only enter (or return home to) Victoria without a permit if they are travelling for one of the following permitted reasons:

* Necessary goods and services, including medical care and getting a COVID-19 test
* Care and compassionate reasons
* Paid or voluntary work (including for charitable and religious purposes)
* Education (including childcare and early childhood services)
* Getting a COVID-19 vaccination
* Sport and exercise at a sporting club or at a sport or physical recreation facility (excluding alpine resorts)
* Visiting an intimate partner
* Moving house, inspecting a property or attending an auction
* Driving someone who cannot drive themselves for one of the above reasons
* Travelling between places in Victoria where it is easier to travel through NSW
People crossing the border to enter Victoria for one of the permitted reasons must also not travel further than reasonably necessary to undertake essential activities.

I know we are all aware, but this new strain is very transmissible and we need to take the very highest of care of our vulnerable members. Please adhere strictly to your COVID plans and the Government guidelines.

RDAV strongly encourages people to get vaccinated as soon as possible to protect yourselves, those around you and your community.

Stay safe and thank you!

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