Joining RDA Shepparton

Joining the Program 

At Shepparton RDA we begin our weekly lessons with a warm-up of basic instructions.  Start, Stop, Using reins to steer the horse, Points of the horse and Parts of the horse gear.  After this we do some activities/games perhaps relay of plastic shopping items to collect, flag and drum relay, mug shuffle etc.  We conclude the lesson with a short trail ride.  If the riders are able and enough coaches are available, riders are selected for one on one lessons adjacent to the main group of riders.  The one on one lessons greatly improves the riders skills and challenges them to set goals and further advance their equestrian skills.

  • Lesson Fees: $0 (Subsidised by the centre)
  • Length of lessons: one hour
  • Weight restrictions: 90kg (or by available horse)
  • Waiting list: Yes



Shepparton RDA provides training for volunteers even if they don’t have horse experience and would just like to join our centre. Flexible volunteering hours are offered with the centre always happy to have volunteers attending when they can. Volunteers are encouraged to attend morning, afternoon or fortnightly. Experiencing a morning or day out with like-minded people with a clear goal of giving our riders an equestrian experience designed for their skill level.


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