Joining RDA Myrtleford

Joining the Program 

Myrtleford Centre mainly caters for the schools in the area but is happy to include any individual disabled riders who may wish to join. If they are not capable of riding they help groom and work with the horses from the ground. We strive to give all our riders knowledge of horsemanship and safe riding skills. With these, they can ride unaided, off the lead rein which gives them balance and the opportunity for decision making. It also instils confidence as well as concentration. We try to work closely with the schools regarding their emphasis in a particular area such as speech and cognition skills which we work into our games.

  • Lesson Fees: $0 (subsidised by the centre)
  • Length of lessons: 15 min
  • Weight restrictions: 90 kg or by available horse
  • Waiting list: no waiting list



Our volunteers are not expected to attend each week if they are unable to do so. We prefer to have a working group which is large enough so that no one feels under pressure to attend. We stress this when we interview volunteers. We are happy to have as much time as they feel they can give us. In general, this works well as everyone tries to work in together to try to fill in when one or more are on holiday. Our social activities are not extensive but we have a coffee meeting at the end of the session and may meet again during the week.


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