Joining RDA Moorabbin

Joining the Program 

Moorabbin caters for school groups during the week and individual riders on Saturdays. All our riders ride fortnightly. We like our rider to be under 80 kilos and be able to self-support when sitting. We prefer not to take riders under 5 years of age as the program we offer is more suitable for older riders as we offer adaptive riding. Our coaches lessons include games to encourage balance and steering, we ride in our paddocks, and on our trails. Our coaches make their lesson interesting while teaching riding skills of mounting and dismounting, stop and go, and steering. The riders are assisted to ride as needed.

  • Lesson Fees: $20-25
  • Length of lessons: 45 min (Saturday), 30 min (weekday)
  • Weight restrictions: 80kg
  • Waiting list:  2-3 years



We assist children and adults with disabilities to ride horses in a safe environment, under the supervision of registered coaches. Volunteers, between 16 and 80 years of age, are needed to help with riders and horses.  All training is provided on the job. This usually takes roughly 2.5 hours. The riding groups consist of 8 riders who come for one hour. They ride 4 at a time for approximately 30 minutes. Volunteers need to be able to walk on sand for 1 hour. Sessions are held Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 1 pm approx. depending on the day all riding is during the school terms.

The coach of the day will allocate tasks to suit the capabilities of the volunteers. The sessions entail bringing in the selected horses to be fed, groomed and tacked up. The horses are then warmed up prior to the riders arriving. The horses not being used are fed in the paddocks and then the volunteers pick up any manure so the paddock is clean.

Volunteers then assist the riders, this often involves three volunteers for each rider.  One to lead the horse and be responsible for the horse. Then side walkers as needed to assist the rider with riding and carrying out the activities of the day.

After the riders leave the horses are untacked and equipment used is put away. We then all sit down have morning tea and while writing up the notes on how the riders went. The horses are returned to the paddocks and fed, then the session is over.


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