Joining RDA Cobram

Joining the Program 

At RDA Cobram we start with a trail ride to warm-up. Then we proceed to our enclosed area to enjoy a varied program of mounted games, activity courses and dressage.  Some of our riders have a horse leader and 2 side-walkers, others have a leader and 1 side-walker.  Some only require a horse leader and once inside our enclosed area can be taken off the lead to ride independently!  That is our aim, to give everyone independence.

  • Lesson Fees: $0 (subsidised by the centre)
  • Length of lessons: 40 minutes
  • Weight restrictions: 90 kg
  • Waiting list: 1 year



We welcome all age groups of volunteers.  If you are not horsey we can give you activities with minimal interaction with the horse.  Otherwise, we train our volunteers ‘on the job’!  The day commences at 9.00am with everyone pitching in to put out our activities equipment. Our first group of riders arrive at 10.00am, the 2nd group ride at 10.40. At 11.00am we have a tea break. Then our 3rd group arrive at 11.20am.  Our last group arrive at 12noon and we finish around 1.00pm.  If you are unable to stay for the entire morning that is okay, we are flexible!  Come and join us when you can!  A list of our ride dates will be given to you!


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