Joining RDA Warrandyte

Joining the Program 

RDA Warrandyte has a strong focus on basic horse riding skills. We use games, trail, dressage and other activities to achieve this goal with as much rider independence as practical. There are currently groups from several adult learning centres who attend our programs as well as groups made up of individuals. Saturday lessons are predominantly children and young adults and as we operate alongside a commercial equestrian centre integration into a more mainstream environment is available. We tailor individual rider programs mostly in a group setting and our goal is to set our participants up to succeed and reach their full individual riding potential.

  • Lesson Fees: $15-$30
  • Length of lessons: 30 min – 2 hours
  • Weight restrictions: 90 kg
  • Waiting list: 2 years



Volunteering at RDA Warrandyte is an active pursuit. All volunteers are engaged in leading and/or side walking. A time commitment of 1 ½ -2 hours is enough for you to make a valuable contribution to our program (more time is welcome!). Saturday programs attract a younger and/or fitter team of volunteers as the programs are quite active with lots of trotting (you won’t need a cardio workout after this program!). New volunteers are always welcome (especially midweek). Little or no experience? No problem. Bring your energy and enthusiasm and we will show you.


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