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Our centre offers a games approach to therapeutic activities that help our riders with balance, core strength, language and social skills. Sessions focus on the relationship with the horse and the volunteer team as well as mastery of physical skills. Help with emotional regulation is a key feature of our sessions, which combine arena games with some short trail rides. Riders work on an individual basis with a team of up to three, occasionally more, volunteers under the supervision of a qualified coach. Session times of 45 minutes allow for 30 minutes with the horse plus check-in/review with parents and carers.

  • Lesson Fees: $20 per session paid termly
  • Length of lessons: 30 minutes
  • Weight restrictions: 65kg
  • Waiting list: 1.5 years



We welcome all prospective volunteers to our centre.  We try to make sure that each volunteer is given the opportunity to contribute in ways that are comfortable and interesting for them.  While volunteer training is mandatory, we also encourage everyone involved to work on a ‘Know One, Teach One’ basis, where information and expertise are shared willingly. We believe this helps new volunteers to find their feet and rapidly feel part of the team, as well as encouraging them to share freely the expertise they bring with them.


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