Joining RDA Seymour

Joining the Program 

At Seymour we encourage riders to develop their abilities. We challenge our riders to each their goals. We encourage our riders to increase their horse knowledge and grow as personally through the program. We want all our riders to have fun and laugh.

It is our job to make this possible. We have lovely well trained and cared for ponies and fabulous facilities. These include a grassed arena and a sand manege and the most fabulous Obstacle Course spread over 5 acres. Soon we will have a covered in riding area as well. There are 25 acres for Trail rides and we often see kangaroos.

We are very proud of our obstacle course where the riders take on HUGE challenges like climbing up and down banks, over bridges, up and down steps and many other exciting things. These challenges really help our riders with balance and control and above all else develops self-esteem which only a sense of accomplishment can develop.

We try never ever to do for a rider anything they can do for themselves. We expect every rider to try and try again and we will celebrate even the slightest improvement. For example, we teach every rider, except wheelchair riders, to mount by themselves.

By the end of the year, we hope each child has gained a degree of independence – be it riding by themselves, doing without side walkers – we are always looking for measurable improvements.

  • Lesson Fees: $10
    Length of lessons: 30 minutes
    Weight restrictions: None
    Waiting list: no waiting list



None of the above would be possible without our great volunteers. Not everyone works with the ponies – some help in the kitchen (its hard work and we need nourishment!), some help riders into boots and helmets, some organise much-needed fundraising, some take on the administration and finances. Equine experience is not required – we can easily train you to understand what is required but a love of children and genuine empathy is really important and hugely valued. We have 2 coaches and always have a trainee coach as well. As a team, we have lots of fun and at the end of the day, an awesome feeling of making a difference together.


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