Recreational Riding

Riders enjoy the experience of developing their riding skills whilst enjoying the freedom, movement, sensory feedback and exhilaration of riding a horse. It offers opportunities to extend their abilities, become limber, improve balance, core strength, posture and co-ordination. Riders are able to develop a relationship with the horse and enjoy the natural environment.


Therapeutic Riding

People with disabilities can obtain beneficial results from association with horses. The movement of a horse strengthens muscles throughout a rider’s body and promotes better overall health. In many cases, riding has also led to increased mobility for the rider. Horses can also provide psychological benefits to people whether they actually ride or not.


Carriage Driving

Carriage Driving programs are run at Centres throughout Victoria. Driving programs are run by accredited carriage driving coaches or “whips” using adapted vehicles and harness.

Driving is a challenging activity suitable for those who cannot participate in riding programs or wish to extend their equestrian skills.

Carriage Driving can offer the participant independence as well as developing their balance, self esteem, motor skills and enjoyment of the environment.

Driving programs are offered at Centres that are accredited Carriage Driving Centres supervised by a Level 1 Whip.


Vaulting may be described as gymnastics on horseback. It involves gymnastic exercises which develops balance and co-ordination. Initially a specifically designed barrel is used to develop a vaulter’s confidence and skills. The person then progresses to a moving horse on a lunge, wearing a special back pad. Vaulting is one of the seven disciplines recognised by the international equestrian peak body International Equestrian Federation (FEI).

Vaulting is a fantastic way to develop feel when riding, confidence, trust, motor skills and teamwork.

A vaulting program is only offered at Centres with an accredited vaulting coach.