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RDA Victoria is supported in small and big ways. It does not matter the size, every bit helps!

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Donations in lieu of gifts
Fiona and Grant’s Story
For our wedding last year, Grant and I decided that for our bonbonniere, we would provide our guests with an opportunity to help us donate to 3 different charities. Taken from the concept of ‘Grill’d restaurant’s ‘Local Matters Program’ it was up to our guests to choose between 3 charities by placing their bottle top token into one of 3 charity jars, one of which was Riding for the Disabled.  We ensured that all 3 charities received a donation and although you came runners up, we hope that our small donation of $90 can be used towards the good works of your organisation. I work in the disability field, so it was essential that one of the charities we selected was a disability service. I know that there are astronomical costs involved in training horses so that they can be disability friendly and appreciate the work that staff and many volunteers provide people with a disability throughout Australia. Your service is a much needed one, and I have seen firsthand the benefits via my clients. I’ve attached a photo of us on our special day and thank you for the opportunity to support your organisation.  Keep up the good work!  May God continue to bless you all through your works.”

Everyday Hero
Olivia’s Story
Olivia has been a volunteer at RDA Victoria for nearly 2 years. She knew that volunteering allowed her to give back to her community, but still, she wanted to do more. She began raising money through bake sales at school, but her target of $1000 allowed for her to set her sights to bigger and better goals. Using the website Everyday Hero, Olivia was able to raise over $2500, surpassing her goal and allowing the riders of RDA Victoria to continue to develop and learn through our program! You can visit the Everyday Hero website to find out more!

If you are after any further information on how to help RDA Victoria please contact:
RDA Victoria State Office
Phone: 03 9258 4730