Horse Criteria

Horse Criteria

Size Range:
12 to 15.2 hh for ease of mounting/dismounting at the ramp or block and dependent on needs. Ease for sidewalkers to provide support. Weight carrying capacity. However, smaller or taller horses are also needed.

Quiet and Unflappable. Able to tolerate traffic, strange sights and sounds, unusual mounting techniques and spasmodic movements. Responsive, must move forward freely and be easy to stop and steer. Kind and friendly on the ground, easy to catch, groom and saddle. Tolerates people and other horses close by. Avoid horses that are lethargic, too keen, bad tempered (kicking and/or biting) and those with stable vices.

Age Range:
Recommend 8 to 18 years, preferably with exposure to multiple and diverse environments.

Horses must be sound, sure footed and able bodied in order to carry riders who may be asymetrical and unbalanced.

Conformation and Paces:
Will be determined by the needs of riders in existing groups. Usually a stocky, solidly built type for weight carrying. May need a lighter, narrower type of horse for some riders. Good average conformation and paces are required for a comfortable ride. Horses of stocky build often have a short, choppy stride.