Horse of the Year! Vote for JJ the Standardbred

Voting has begun for the 2016 Horse of the Year!

The Victorian finalist is JJ from RDAV Oaklands! You can vote for JJ by clicking HERE

IMG_6371JJ; A Horse for all seasons

JJ was born into a successful line of Pacers in Victoria. He was trained to race around a course, guided by a driver sitting in a cart behind him. It’s a popular sport in Australia but only for the stronger type of horse with stamina and attitude. JJ had all of that. His ‘stage’ name was Inclinator but at home he was known as JJ. He formed a successful partnership with his driver Dani Lewis and together they had many wins.

Dani was aware that JJ’s racing career would only last while he was young so she planned ahead for his retirement. It was her final wish and in 2014 JJ relocated to Raising the Standards in Clonbinane, Victoria to be retrained by Nicole Tassone into a gentler, more sedate career.

And so it was that JJ came to RDA Oaklands in 2015. The move has been a fgreat success with JJ winning ribbons at Pony Club as well as performing his day job at RDA. He was even interviewed for Channel 9’s Evening News. The clip, which won an HRA – 2015 Joseph Coulter Media Award, can be seen here

JJ is now an established member of Team RDA Oaklands and winning hearts instead of races.


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