Times: Thursday morning and afternoon

Centre Contact: rdawarragul@gmail.com

Location: Logan Park, Warragul.

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Warragul RDAV currently has 14 very experienced volunteers who greatly assist 3 coaches with 6 to 8 in attendance each day.
We work in an 18m x 23 m tin shed and on fine days trail ride around the oval and into a grass arena.

We have seven horses in the program with three others resting, or fattening over winter. These horses are usually sourced from contacts from the volunteers. Some we have been given, others are on long loans. We have purchased a 10 year old QH who is working out very well.

Our horses are all active and most of the rides are riding lessons and skill improvement sessions with a few pony rides as required for the riders wellbeing.

We have a range of long term riders and short, one semester, term riders.
Decisions on riders are made within the volunteer team in consultation with riders, carers, teachers and others. We do have a waiting list and lack of heavy weight bearing horses is a negative.

If more volunteers and coaches were available RDA Warragul could operate seven days a week rather than one.